Strong-weak duality and quantum modularity of resurgent topological strings


Quantizing the mirror curve of a toric Calabi-Yau threefold gives rise to quantum-mechanical operators. Their fermionic spectral traces produce factorially divergent power series in the Planck constant and its inverse, which are conjecturally captured by the Nekrasov-Shatashvili and standard topological strings via the TS/ST correspondence. In this talk, I will discuss a general conjecture on the resurgence of these dual asymptotic series, and I will present a proven exact solution in the case of the first spectral trace of local P^2. A remarkable number-theoretic structure underpins the resurgent properties of the weak and strong coupling expansions and paves the way for new insights relating them to quantum modular forms. Finally, I will mention how these results fit into a broader paradigm linking resurgence and quantum modularity. This talk is based on arXiv:2212.10606 and further work in progress with V. Fantini.

Nov 30, 2023 13:30
Centre for Quantum Mathematics, SDU, Denmark